Arpit Kujur

Class: 2

Date of Birth: 28/09/2007

Father's Name: Mr. Leonard Kujur

Mother's Name: Mrs. Fransishka

Arpit Kujur born in 2007.. He has been sponsored  by Ms Dorothy Trinder.

Arpit’s father is Leonard Kujur and his mother is Francesca. They belong to Ranchi in Jharkhand state and have been living in Jaindera for the past 19 years. Leonard was employed in a Customs House agency but is now unemployed and is looking for a job. They have one older boy who lives in Meerut and studies free in a Christian school. He has been promoted to UKG. 

Arpit has been going to the Tagore nursery since April this year. He is a very quiet child and since he is very young, he is shy and expects his father to answer the questions for him however he is fond of going to school.

Arpit with his fater

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