The slum of Jaindera, which is basically a cluster of 350 households, is located close to the remnants of the Surajkund Lake in the district of Faridabad, Haryana state in India. The only evidence of the lake is a old broken boat lying in the midst of the parched land which once upon a time used to be under water filled up from a spring underground.  The Faridabad town is located adjacent to Delhi metropolitan urban centre (the capital city of India). The oldest mountain ranges in India, the Aravallies, culminate at the border of Delhi- Faridabad city. These mountain ranges are a rich repository of stone mines, used for road and railway construction as well as for building, construction activities.

The stone mining activities from the mountain ranges were traditionally done with support of the labor force without any modern tools. The contractor employed labourers through hired middlemen and recruited cheap labor for the extraction of these stones.

The middlemen recruited cheap labor from far-flung poor areas of the country to maximize their profits.  Usually families having men, women and children were preferred to undertake the job. Thus a large number of families were lured through false hopes and aspirations to migrate to Faridabad for stone mining.  Majority of these families belongs to the marginalized class and are landless labourers. These families are lured every year to migrate from the interior of the country from Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Bihar (they being the most vulnerable areas of the country in terms of poverty). Once the families reached Faridabad, they were huddled up in highly unhygienic labor colonies within the confines of the stone mining areas of Faridabad. Quite a few labor colonies are located all around the stone mining areas of Faridabad. Several of the families have literally been bonded labourers/slaves with their mobility and freedom being restricted within the confines of the stone quarry. However with the passage of time, many of the bonded labourers were released under the Bonded Labor Act of 1971. Several of the migrated families are now settled in the slum localities of Faridabad earning a daily wage through construction work or manual labor.  Their work comes intermittently and is not a very smooth one.


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