Social Activities

Advocacy Programmes

Organised seminars / discussion groups and panel discussions on social themes like;

  • Relevance of Gandhi and the challenges of the 21st Century on 9th October 2001 in collaboration with  the Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti at Rajghat, New Delhi. ( Read full report )
  • Combating Corruption ( 13th July  2002) : Major themes of discussion were
    • Neo-Castism and Corruption
    • Corruption in Political and Social Life
    • Legal System and Corruption
    • Mechanism for Combating Corruption
  • Colloquium on Communal Harmony and Indian Identity ( 31st August  2002)      Major theme of the colloquium was to create awareness for peace initiatives    through advocating communal harmony as the basis of India Identity. (Read full report )
  • Implementing Right to Compulsory Primary Education ( 12th April 2003)
    Major theme of the seminar was to generate support for implementing 93rd   constitutional amendment for implementing right to compulsory elementary education. ( Read full report )

  • Advocacy for stopping human trafficking and rescuing child Sex Exploitation. A study was conducted by ISCA with support from the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Geneva in 2003. The report studied rehabilitation and repatriation of children released from sex exploitation in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata cities.   The report was presented by ISCA at the 28th Session of the Working Group of the Contemporary Forms of Slavery at the United Nations, Human Rights Commission in June 2003 ( Read full report )


Seminar Organised

  1. Organised Seminar on “Status of Disabled Population in India: An Assessment of Services and Facilities Required” at India International Center, New Delhi , 5th March 2005. ( Read report )  
    ( Read full report )

  2. Street and Working Children in India- Challenges for their Education and Rehabilitation. ( Read full report )



rganised Workshop in collaboration with REMEDIA TRUST on “Reviews of the Primary textbooks from class I-V prepared by the SCERT of Delhi. The objective of the Workshop was to strengthen their transacting capacities on primary school teachers. The half-day session was organized  on 5th March 2005 at ( India International Centre , Lodi Estate, 40 Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi- 110003, Lecture Hall-I Annexe), from 3P.M to 5 P.M. (Read full report)


Training Programmes

Training Programmes:  ISCA organised several training programmes in collaboration with UNESCO- New Delhi and International Bureau of Education- IBE- Geneva for capacity building of teachers, field staff and supervisory staff. Several manual for training teachers and supervisory staff were prepared by ISCA. The training conducted includes:

  • Curriculum development and Non-formal Education Teachers training organized at Delhi, Mirzapur and Varanasi in collaboration with UNESCO (New Delhi Office) and International Bureau of Education, Geneva. About 70 Non-formal education teachers were trained. 2000. ( Read full report )
  • Organised training for Field Officers of Non-formal education in Uttar Pradesh. About 30 Field officers of Labour department Non-formal schools were trained. The UNESCO, New Delhi, supported the project. 2001 ( Read full report )
  • Assessment and Community Response of Non-Formal Education by Project Mala in Mirzapur- Bhadhoi Carpet- Weaving Region of Uttar Pradesh -2002. ( Read full report )
  • Attainment of Achievement Levels by Children in Non-formal Schools after the Training given by ISCA. The UNESCO New Delhi supports the project. 2003 ( Read full report )

ISCA in collaboration with REMEDIA TRUST organized a training programme for teachers and counselors of schools ( Government MCD Schools , public  schools and DIET educational institutions) for identifying Learning disabilities in pupils aged 6 years and above with the help of appropriately designed battery of test modules. The training was organized at the Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls, New Delhi on 13th December 2005. About 52 teachers and counselors of 20 schools participated in the training programme. ( Read full report )


Objectives of the Training Workshop

The objective of this training workshop was to impart appropriate training to the school teachers and counselors for undertaking appropriate tests designed by the experts to identify learning disorders among the students in the early stages in schools, so as to take appropriate steps to overcome the learning disabilities in the early stages. 
The main objective of the workshop is:

  • Highlight the importance of identifying learning disabilities among the pupils in the early stages for improving their learning capacities.
  • Impart appropriate training skills to teachers and counselors to administer the designed battery of tests in the schools.


International Exchange Programme

Archway School, Stroud, United Kingdom
in Jaindera Slum School – 9th April 2006
Archway School Children, Jaindera School Children at Sadhu Vaswani International School 10th April 2006.  Children watching Cultural Programme organized by the Sadhu Vaswani International School

ISCA organized international exchange programme for the Archway School, Stroud, United Kingdom in April 2006. A group of 24 members( 14 students, 5 staff members and 5 parents of students) visited India in April 2006.

The group visited and interacted with the Jaindera Slum School, Faridabad  on 9th April 2006. The programme included

    • Welcome by Jaindera School staff and Children
    • Background and Activities of Jaindera School – Director Jaindera School
    • Presentation by Archway School Children
    • Cultural Presentation by Jaindera School Children
    • Painting Competition by Jaindera Children
    • Discussion with Community Members

The group Visited and interacted with the Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls, Shantiniketan, New Delhi on 10th April 2006. The programme included

  • Welcome by Sadhu Vaswani School Principal, staff and Children.
  • Background information of the exchange visit of Archway School by the Policy Alternative and ISCA.
  • Presentation of Profile of Sadhu Vaswani School ( Principal SVS)
  • Presentation of Profile of Archway School ( In charge Archway School Trip)
  • Address by Chairperson Indian Council of Cultural Research ( Dr. Karan Singh)
  • Presentation of Indian Values and the seven pillars of Education.

The group Visited and interacted with the Vishwa Bharti School, NOIDA- Uttar Pradesh on 11th April 2006 The programme included

  • Welcome by Principal , staff and Children of VB School
  • Background information of the exchange visit of Archway School
  • Presentation of Profile of Vishwa Bharti School
  • Presentation of Profile of Archway School
  • Group Discussion among staff, children and parents of children on need for exchange programmes for knowledge diffusion.
  • Brief cultural and social profile of India through short film/ dance presentation.
  • Making of Rangoli by children.
  • Brief cultural and social programme depicting glimpses of Indian Culture.
  • Cultural Programme of music, dance by VB children and Archway school 
  • Distribution of Gifts to Archway school and Jaindera School Children.

Lectures Organized

A lecture was organized on 10th July 2006 at the India International Centre, New Delhi in collaboration with the Policy Alternatives On “ Accessing Intellectual Capital in a Globalised World : Problems and Challenges “. The lecture was delivered by Professor. Ravinder. K. Zutshi, Professor of Management Studies, Long Island University, New York, USA.

Collaborative Action Programme

Teachers Training and Capacity Building –
26-30 July 2006 , Chakwaja, vaishali

Rehabilitation of Orphan Children joint collaboration with Jan Kalyan Samiti- Chakwaja, Chakwaja, Vaishali, Bihar.

A collaborative action programme project for rehabilitation of Orphan children in Chakwaja, Vaishali , Bihar is in operation with the Jan Kalyan Samiti- Chakwaja, Chakwaja from March 2006. ISCA is providing technical support for training the staff and building their capacities to provide appropriate rehabilitation, education, healthcare and income opportunities development programme for 118 orphan and children in difficult circumstances.

ISCA managed to get financial support from the United Nations Voluntary Trust  Fund for Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Geneva, Switzerland for the rehabilitation, training and capacity building of the orphan children project implemented by the  Jan Kalyan Samiti- Chakwaja, Chakwaja. Under the project following activities have been conducted:

  • Two medical camps for the children, their parents and other society members of Chakwaja village and its surrounding areas. The two camps were organized in April and June 2006.
  • Teacher’s training and capacity building programme was organized from 26-30th July at Chakwaja village. A total of 9 teachers were trained by professionals.
  • The staff of Jan Kalyan Samiti- Chakwaja was provided with computer literacy training. Computer with all accessories were procured under the project for the organization. 
  • Programme for income generation opportunities was supported under the project. A programme for developing fish cultivation in specially developed pond has been supported under the project.